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 Shelter Cove, CA

Founded by Allie Bauer, Into the Light Healing Arts is dedicated to helping people resolve pain and regenerate body, mind and spirit through LOVE, and through the practice and education of Myofascial Release

Find yourself under my hands, slowing down and tuning into the climate under your own skin. I invite you to step onto the path of becoming pain-free; I invite you to feel amazing in your body and mind. My studio is on the Lost Coast of Northern California, nestled in the remote village of Shelter Cove. Whether you come for an individual session or plan to book intensive/ retreat time for a deep dive into feeling good, come to know the studio as a place to let go, relieve tensions, and create postive changes in your body that reach to your core.

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What is Myofascial Release Therapy?

Myofascial Release is the most effective form of hand-ons therapy currently known. It has been developed by internationally recognized physical therapist, lecturer, and author John F. Barnes. Through slow, deep and sustained pressure into tight, tender areas of the body, deep release and relaxtion occur. Pain is addressed and resolved with structural release work, rebounding to open the fluidity of our water-based body, and unwinding-following the body’s natural response in order to return to ease. Each session is completely individualized, guided by the specifics of the client and therapist findings. Myofascial Release is pure therapeutic art!

What can Myofascial Release Therapy help YOU with?

headaches – low back pain – shoulder and neck pain – eye strain – structural imbalance –muscle tightness – stiff joints – carpal tunnel – sprains – scar tissue – insomnia – anxiety – depression – surgeries gone bad – post-op recovery – neurological disorders – sleep disorders – sports injuries – TMJ – sciatica – women’s health issues – pelvic floor issues – digestive issues – unresolved traumas of all types – cancer – high/low blood pressure – fibromyalgia – unresolved car accident injuries – unresolved, stored dysfunction period. Don’t see it on the list? Let’s talk about what your pain patterns are. I can help you become pain-free.

What is fascia?

Fascia is a system all unto itself–like the circulatory, respiratory or digestive system. It is our connective tissue–the 3-dimensional, many-layered webbing of tissue that stretches from the top of our head to the tips of our toes. It is comprised of elastin, collagen and ground substance. We move with more or less efficiency and/or pain, due to the health of our fascial system. Fascia infuses every cell of our body. 53 trillion cells have a fascial environment! Nerve, blood vessel, internal or sensory organ, spinal cord, muscle, or bone, all are fascia. Communication in our body flows through the fascial system. Fascia keeps us together, and holds us apart. It is our shock absorber. Fascia allows our structure to literally stand up to gravity, while also keeping us supple enough to glide through space. 

The Healing Path

I was introduced to the healing arts as a teenager in 1984, when traditional western medicine was unable to diagnose and resolve debilitating chronic pain in my right hand. After years of doctor appointments and 2 unsuccessful surgies, life introduced me to an acupuncturist. I worked with her for 13 weeks 2x/week. With acupuncture needles and biofeedback I was able to recover full function of my right hand. Reclaiming a pain-free life AND active use of my hand through alternative medicine was a pivotal experience on life’s path. I wanted to learn how to help people heal, and began my studies in 1985.


I founded Into the Light Healing Arts in 2002. My practice at that time was a unique and intuitive blend of massage, polarity, zen shiatsu and breathwork. In 2008 I met my teacher John Barnes PT, and began practicing his approach to Myofascial Release Therapy. I have continued to open the layers to my own health, healing and wellness with John’s love, knowledge and support. I offer you the most effective form of healthcare today–Advanced Myofascial Release Therapy in the John Barnes’ approach.

Thoughts on the journey:

  • We can come to the table simply to relax and feel good.
  • Releasing tension is one of life’s best medicines.
  • We can transform our structure and our physiology with myofascial release therapy.
  • No matter how old our pain and trauma, chances are we can let it go.
  • If we can feel it, we can heal it.
  • We don’t have to live in pain anymore.
  • All pain has an emotional response.
  • We are an intricate web of feeling and information.
  • Stored trauma hurts our health and well being.
  • Our subconscious mind rules the show.
  • Love heals.

Create positive changes in the body that reach to the core.




“I have to say how much I appreciate Allie’s commitment to supporting me through my healing journey. Her expertise with Myofascial Release has helped me move through layers of stuck pain causing restrictions in my body. The relief I experience after working with her is truly life changing. She has also empwered me to do my own self-treatment which has honestly helped me feel like I have a role in my healing. Allie is professional, honest, present and compassionate.”

Abi, Ashland

“What makes Allie’s treatments so extraordinary is their depth. When I come with pain, I know where it hurts, but I can’t see where it starts, or why I can’t let go. The minute I lay on the table, Allie’s hands start to unwind the pain network with sensitivity and precision. I love what happens when I can work with her–my body starts to move and release with her guidance, letting go of everything that holds me back. On every level.”

Julianne, London


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