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in Shelter Cove, California! 

Whether it’s California’s Lost Coast that calls you, a deep dive into Myofascial Release treatment, a landing pad after hiking the Lost Coast Trail, quiet retreat time to focus on spiritual practice, or a family jaunt on the coast for some playtime….whatever brings you, I am delighted to host you here at Into the Light Healing Arts, Shelter Cove!

Into the Light Healing Arts is a private residence and treatment retreat within walking distance (¾ mile) to Shelter Cove village. There are ocean views in all rooms of the main house, and from the hot tub, sauna and healing arts studio, and with open windows and doors we hear the sounds of ocean. The grounds are fenced and gated, with growing succulent gardens, seasonal veggie beds, flower boxes, and relaxing patios. 

Nestled in the heart of the Lost Coast, Shelter Cove is a small fishing village and tourist destination. It is remotely located 20-miles west of Hwy 101, accessed by the east/west Briceland/Shelter Cove Rd. from Redway, California, or by flying into the Shelter Cove OQ5 airstrip. If you haven’t been here before, you are in for a real treat!



Your 2023 WEEKEND GETAWAY purchase dates are: the 10 days between

December 12 – December 21!!

When you want to book your 2023 WEEKEND GETAWAY, schedule dates will be booked and secured directly with me via email, phone or text.

Schedule your getaway on any weekend of 2023 that’s right for you (some blackout dates apply). Your 2-night stay will begin with arrival after 10am Friday, departure by late Sunday afternoon.

If you are flying in, and don’t think you’ll need a car, ITLHA offers taxi service from McKinleyville/Arcata (ACV) for $200 roundtrip, and the SF Airport Shuttle drop off in Santa Rosa for $350 roundtrip.

What’s Included in the Weekend Getaway:

Myofascial Release Treatment

An apex of your weekend getaway is 5 hours of Myofascial Release treatment–a mini retreat in its own right–with ITLHA owner Allie Bauer. I encourage you to start feeling into your luminous fascial system, and consider goals you may have for this healing weekend retreat! We can step onto the path of your pain-free life with a dive into the core of your being for optimal wellness. Experience the John Barnes approach to Myofascial Release for the first time . 



The house’s ground level hosts your beautiful King room, a second Queen room (if you’re coming with friends or kids), and your full bath with views. It will be your private bathroom, shared only with members in your family or party.

Hot Tub & Sauna

The hot tub is also ground level with indoor/outdoor access. It’s a little piece of heaven, with open, expansive views. The sauna and its patio are on the house’s main level. The healing arts studio, is also on the main level, connected by way of decking. 



The Breakfast Menu is tailored for you and your party. Morning menus will be generated after we collaborate–with allergies, sensitivities and diet preferences taken to heart! If you’re a foodie, look forward to enjoying a delicious morning meal!

Surrounding Areas

-Less than a mile walk will take you to our OQ5 airport, the Boat Ramp Beach and Fishing Preservation Station, the Campground Deli, Lighthouse park, our shops–The Arts at Heart Collective and The Heartful Hive, Shelter Cove golf course, Gyppo Ale Mill, Mi Mochima Venezuelan Restaurant, the Fish Tank coffee shop, Little Black Sands beach and a beautiful walk along the coastline. Our Shelter Cove General Store–worth a post in the Utne Reader– and the original Shelter Cove gift shop are just a 2 mile drive back up the main road.

–Big Black Sands Beach is not to be missed! Just a couple miles from home at Into the Light Healing Arts, it is an epic, long, wide-open beach. It is the southern trailhead for the Lost Coast Trail–a 24 mile hike along the coast between Shelter Cove and the mouth of the Mattole River in Petrolia, Ca.

–Beyond the very local lore, there are hikes in the King Range National Conservation Area and Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. Paradise Royale Bike Trails are a short drive, off of King Peak Rd. If the swell is right, Shelter Cove is also a gateway for amazing surf!


We will create a schedule that offers your weekend the time for engaging in life as you wish–treatment time in the studio, beach walks and biking/hiking, a jaunt to the tide pools, time to notice tidal rhythms, sunset walks on the beach, hot tub soaking and sauna sweating, delicious breakfast (if that’s your thing), drinking locally brewed beer Gyppo Ale Mill during sunset hours and much much more!

I am so excited for your interest in booking the 2023 WEEKEND GETAWAY! Congratulations
on taking this journey and joining us at Into the Light Healing Arts for your heart of the Lost

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